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I did receive the UV-Ozone Nature Zone mouthpiece disinfector in the mail and have been using it.  It seems to work pretty well with a few drawbacks. First I’ll explain the good things I like about it though.  For starters, it only takes 3 AAA batteries and they don’t seem to ever die.  I’ve only changed them out once and just because I felt like it – – not because they had actually died.  The second thing is that there is no complicated settings to deal with… just one button!  Of course the best thing about the device is that it REALLY DOES take away some of the funky smell that may be hanging around on the mouthpiece.  I still always do a good job rinsing and cleaning, but I feel much better knowing that any stray bacteria has been eliminated.

Here’s a video of me disinfecting one of my mouthpieces:

Now for the things that I don’t necessarily like about it.  The first was the cost.  I am not sure the ~$50 price tag should be that high for the device, but I really didn’t find anyone else making that sort of thing, so I supposed they can ask whatever they want.  The second thing that is kinda weird about it is that they go to great lengths in the directions to tell you not to get any water in the unit and that it can damage the unit.. and that “they can tell if you do” or something to that effect.  I haven’t been able to figure out of that means that the mouthpiece should be 100% dry or not, but I usually just shake it off thoroughly to remove any excess water and the unit still seems to work fine.  The third thing I’ll mention is that something like one out every fifteen or so times, I’ll hit the button to start disinfecting and the little green LED will turn on but the blue UV light won’t until much later.  Then the next time I hit the button, it seems to work fine and the blue light comes on in a few seconds.  I’m not sure what that’s all about, but I usually just run it through another 3 minute cycle.

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