Posted by: admin in on July 26th, 2010

After trying all the standard drugstore rememdies and not having much luck, I went into my regular doctor for some help.  He didn’t have a whole lot of direct suggestions, but did prescribe some light steroid based nasal spray that I could take nightly before going to bed.  The spray drug was called Fluticasone Propionate.  For a week I had difficulty taking the spray.  Primarily because I had never used any nasal sprays and I didn’t care for the feeling of it draining down the back of my nasal passage and secondly because the spray had an odor reminiscent of roses.  I’d get a gag reflex about 1/2 the time I sprayed and often it was hard to tell if the bottle was spraying anything at all.  Anyway, after a week of use it make a substantial impact to the amount of mucous in my nose. 

My whole life I experienced slightly greenish colored mucous and would usually try to clean out the daily build-up while taking a hot shower every morning.  This drug made my mucous basically disappear. It was pretty neat although I don’t really like to rely on drugs.  The doctor told me it was basically to relieve the symptoms of allergy due to the large city’s smog and pollen, etc. This made some sense as I had occasional hay fever or allergies a few times a year.

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