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The next appointment was with the sleep doctor who was in yet another building. This facility was definitely nicer and at the top floor of the building.  There was a separate parking garage on the side of the building and even a small deli shop on one of the floors!  When I got to the top floor, the waiting room was large and open area.  There were a few reception desks which reminded me of the nicer kiosks you’d find in a hallway in a mall, and not like a “window in a wall” style typical your regular medical clinics or doctor’s offices you’d find. Each of the reception areas were outfitted with nice new black and shiny computers.  The chairs and magazines were much nicer and not all pawed through and the open floor plan made me think for some reason they could afford to spend a lot more money on their accouterments than the other places had.  The receptionists were quite welcoming although I had to wait for quite a while just as at the other offices.  I think maybe only one or two other people were in the whole waiting area!

After reading a few of the business magazines they called me in and did the regular weight, height and blood pressure measurements.  Then the nurse asked me questions from a questionnaire about how tired I felt in the mornings, whether I fall asleep during the day, whether sleeping on my back helped and other things about my snoring, and the like.  After she left another 15 or 20 minutes went by and the sleep doctor came in.  He basically told me it sounded like I had sleep apnea and wanted me to attend a sleep clinic to get some “hard data”.  He went over a few factors and strategies that they try for dealing with snoring.  Weight loss, mouth dental pieces, laser scarring of the soft tissues in the throat and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine treatment he discussed, but the only one he thought deserved merit and would work in my case was use of the CPAP machine even though it isn’t the most simple solution. For the amount of talking he did about the CPAP, it really seemed to be the only thing he wanted to try.  He said in order to better determine the extent of my snoring / sleep anea, he wanted me to attend an overnight sleep clinic which was held in the bottom floor of the same building.  This was scheduled for the following night.  He said it would be similar to staying at a decent hotel. I was to bring ~$300 down-payment to the clinic when I arrived at check in.-

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