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I started doing reading on the Internet regarding the mouth appliances also know as “mandibular advancement splints” that my dentist had talked about which hold the lower jaw slightly forward.  The reviews were quite mixed and I did find a few different do-it-yourself mouthpiece kits on Amazon and a few other websites.  They ranged in price from about $20 to $169.  Being the cheapskate that I am, I ordered one of the most inexpensive ones. I figured I would try it out before actually going ahead with a custom fit one through my dentist.  When it arrived, it was translucent and reminded me of a boxing or football mouthpiece.   There was a photocopy of some instructions about boiling it first and then biting on it to customize it to my particular liking.  If I were to guess, the thing must have been manufactured in China.  It did come with a plastic carrying case.  I was pretty skeptical at first that this would make any difference because it is used in the front of your mouth to hold your jaw forward and the snoring occurs toward the back in your throat.  I decided to give it a shot though. (check out my video review here where I show the mouthpiece)

I had read in a few reviews that the mouthpiece worked wonders, but it definitely took some getting used to.  Most people said it would take about a week to be able to sleep with it in your mouth.  It probably took me at least two weeks before I could sleep through most of the night without it slipping out.  The first few nights were almost unbearable.  It seemed to hurt my gums so bad that it would wake me up a few times during the night and I had to fight to keep from spitting it out.  Toward the morning I couldn’t wait to get it out of my mouth it felt so uncomfortable.  I was ready to give up on it!  It did however keep me from snoring… and I even felt a little better in the morning and not so tired.  I kept at it and by the end of the third week, it was not causing me any more problems and I could sleep through the entire night with it in.

How amazing it was not to be constantly waking up through the night.  Now I am sleeping and not waking up until dawn!  My wife stays with me in bed and it sure is nice that I’ve spent a fraction of what I would have had to with a CPAP machine.   I even purchased a second one.  ~~~

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  1. The Incredible Edible Enya says:

    So, there’s a couple different mouthpiece kits. Any recommendation?

    • admin says:

      Yeah, I did try two types. One had a slot to breathe through between the teeth and one without. I was a little paranoid that I would suffocate in my sleep if my nose were clogged with a cold or the like. This didn’t make any difference and I noticed that if I can’t breathe for whatever reason in my sleep, that I just eject the mouthpiece without any trouble. In the future, I’ll probably only get ones without the slot so my jaw can be more fully closed.

  2. June says:

    How do you know that your APNEA is resolved?

    Sure you are not snoring, but snoring and apneas are not always directly related. To me your self titration at home without any verification if you are actually alleviating the problem sounds dangerous. Obstructive Sleep Apnea can lead to strokes and heart disease, all of which you are still at risk for without an effective titration with your mouthpiece.

    • admin says:

      I hear you June. The reason I think my apnea is resolved is that my wife tells me that I no longer stop breathing intermittently at night… which she found quite disturbing. I also am feeling a lot more rested. I know it isn’t hard data, but is definitely a lot better than what I was experiencing.

  3. Sean says:

    hi – thanks for your info & website… after reading your “Remedy” page, I was unsure which product it was that actually worked for you… I am (& my wife) are suffering thru all the same snoring effects that you were, & I am looking into something that will work & doing my best to avoid a CPAP machine.. if you could please let me know which product it was you settled on I would appreciate it… if i missed seeing it my apologies– thanks! -Sean

    • admin says:

      Hey Sean! Thanks for checking out my site. I have started using generic mouthpieces. Here’s a link to some on Amazon – the 3rd or 4th down on the list are very inexpensive and I don’t seem to have any problem with them even though they are just slightly thicker than some of the name brand ones. I was really glad to not have to deal with a CPAP machine. It has really worked for me and is a lot easier to take with me when I have to travel for business or go on vacation.

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