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My regular doctor in addition to the prescription decided to send me to an ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) doctor and scheduled an appointment with him a week later.  In the week it took to see the ENT, my nasal passages had pretty much cleared up from
extra mucous with the use of the nasal spray steroid.  This was great as I cannot remember a time in my life without having to clear out my nose on a daily basis, however it was not my silver bullet as it had not changed the snoring.

When I went to the appointment, the ENT’s office was extremely busy.  It was in a non-descript grey concrete building that reminded me of some stark eastern-block European architecture without much activity outside or in the halls. Once I located the right floor and opened the door to the waiting room, I was surprised at the number of people there from really old people to young children.  After a lot of waiting I was put in a exam room.  The examination took maybe 2 or 3 minutes while he looked in my ears, nose and throat and declared that there was basically nothing he could recommend doing himself except to refer me to a sleep doctor!  He explained the basic cause of snoring how the physical restriction of the airway with the soft palate and uvula causes a vibration.  Some people, he explained, could have their tonsils removed and help provide a little more space for air to pass, but I had already had my tonsils out when I was a child and therefore this method would not be effective for me.  He told me weight loss may help in some situations, but as I weighed around 180 and around average height, there wasn’t going to be much benefit from dropping to 175 or 170 which would be around my “target” weight for someone my build and height.

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  1. Hi, what is the homeopathy medicine for stopping snoring ? I read in yahoo questions & answers a homeopathy medicine was suggested for stopping snoring . As now I am unable to find it , will anybody please tell what it is .?

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