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Physical attributes which in my case may contribute to louder or excessive snoring are:

Slight Overbite
My lower front incisor teeth are farther back than are typical situated in a normal person’s jaw. This was confirmed to me by my dentist, but other than the snoring, there have been no other significant problems I know of due to the overbite.

Nasal restriction
My nose being clogged more than usual due to seasonal allergies and exposure to dust and mold and what I believe most doctors would call a “deviated septum”. I also can have a more clogged nose after mowing the lawn.  When one or more nostrils have been closed or partially closed this tends to ADD (but not necessarily create the snoring condition). Also a cold can really plug up my nasal passages and cause the snoring to be louder.  I think this is due to breathing through my mouth rather than my nose.  If you snore and you are breathing through your nose, this tends to dampen the sound somewhat.  Earlier in my childhood, several incidents may have added to the restriction of air through my nasal passages.  Two significant events that I can remember were (1) a baseball line drive hit that smacked me square in the nose and (2) falling out a tree and smashing up my face a bit.  My nose points slightly to my left now as well as visibly one of my nostrils is slightly less open than the other.

Foods and Diet
Another factor I just discovered lately which contributes to more mucous in my nose is directly associated to the foods I have been eating.  Since avoiding eating wheat as much as possible (basically gluten-free diet), I have noticed that my mucous is reduced by at least 85%.  Avoiding wheat (and highly processed foods in general) is pretty interesting and seemed to work in conjunction with the solution which nearly has eliminated all of my snoring.  I do not believe I am a celiac or even have an allergy to wheat (or gluten in particular), but for whatever reason I notice the correlation of healthy eating and less nose mucous – even though I have not dropped any significant amount of weight.? I even tried to take a do-it-yourself in-home allergy test for gluten. The results turned out negative, however I was apparently supposed to be eating a bit of wheat prior to taking the test so the results may have been somewhat skewed. In the same vein, I’ve also noticed that if I mow the lawn and get around a lot dust and clippings while weedwacking, my nasal passage is fairly clogged that evening at night which also tends to enhance the snoring.

Late Night Eating
One other thing I noticed that seemed to also produce louder snoring was eating foods later at night prior to going to bed.   I haven’t been able to determine exactly why this would be the case, but there seemed to be a correlation between going to bed on a full stomach and the intensity of snoring as reported by my wife.  I’d be interested in hearing if anyone else has noticed this as well!

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  1. Randy F says:

    Hey man, I am totally hearin’ ya and I think I have a lot of the same stuff you do. Thanks for talking about it.


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