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My issue with snoring has gone on for around 4 or 5 years.  My fight with snoring started off quite infrequently and irregularly occurring and has built to a nightly expected and unfortunately quite annoying encounter.  Around a year into the start of my snoring episodes when I began to interrupt sleep for my wife on a regular basis, we looked for and tried quite a few of the “easy” and honestly ineffective drug-store type solutions. Check out my video review of some of them.  The first we tried were menthol nasal inhalers and some minty throat sprays. These really didn’t produce any difference, although for a minute or so it feels like it may help you breathe easier.  I am sort of surprised that these solutions are available in drugstores and not what I ended up using as a solution as they didn’t seem to provide any benefit for me. As the snoring started to increase in frequency and volume, my wife started to struggle with sleeping in the same room with me through the night.  This pushed us along in our search for a fix to the problem.

The next stage were the nasal strips that helps one breathe “right” rather than breathe wrong I guess.  While they didn’t really eliminate snoring, they were quite effective in helping reduce the restriction caused by my slightly collapsed nasal passages.  They actually do allow you to breathe easier.  The days after mowing the lawn when my nose seemed to be more restricted than other days, the strips do help me with airflow and allow me to breathe through my nose and not through my mouth when sleeping.  My wife also often would wake me up and make sure I was positioned on my side rather than my back.  This was the best way to keep the snoring softer, but usually would not make it go away.  She often mentioned that it wasn’t the snoring itself that
prevented her from sleeping, but rather it was the inconsistent snoring where my breathing was interrupted and I would have some slight choking sound and then resume breathing (with snoring).

The presence of snoring (at least for me) is not really altered whether or not I am breathing through my nose or mouth or both.  The snoring may just be slightly louder with my mouth open as I think my nose must slightly dampen the sound as the passages are smaller.  Last winter I ended up gaining about 10 pounds.  The snoring became unbearable for my wife and she ended up spending many nights on the couch. I encouraged her to wake me and I would go out to the couch myself as the bed is much
more comfortable.  At this point I made and appointment with my general/primary care physician.

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