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I ran across this article today written by a fellow named Andrew Senske which discussed the need for a prescription in order to use and purchase CPAP equipment and how the current system is most likely preventing people from actually getting the help they need.  It also goes on to describe how it is creating much higher healthcare costs (not to mention taxes) for supporting Medicare’s role for mandating 13 month CPAP rentals at ridiculously high prices. 

I am very thankful that the mouthpiece remedy has worked so well for me rather than have to deal with all the extra visits to the doctor, prescriptions and dealing with the “durable medical goods” companies.  I hadn’t actually heard the term before until the sleep doctor that I visited mentioned it and recommended one.

As my insurance covered only a small portion of my sleep study, I am very aware of the amount being charged.  I really am not surprised by how costs for these devices and studies are inflated when people are forced to jump through a bunch of governmental hoops.

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