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Here’s a video where I review some of the anti-snore devices I have tried! I’m thinking about trying some more and making another video on those as well.


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  1. Brad says:


    Thanks for all this information. Truly great of you.
    I was wondering if you could tell me about the molding process?
    When you put the heated device in your mouth and are ready to mold, do you hold your lower jaw and teeth where they normally fit or do you have to bring your lower teeth in front of your upper teeth?
    Also, I sleep mostly on my sides, and was wondering if this gets in the way when you lay the side of your head on a pillow?
    I’ve been reading all the reviews on this SnoreEx device and it seems that many people say it only lasts about 4-5 months before it fails permanently – is that the case for you as well?
    If so, I wonder if a device fitted by a dentist would last longer?
    Thank you so much for any info you can give.
    Peace and joy to you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Brad,
      Thanks for the comments. Yes, when I put the heated mold in my mouth I hold the lower jaw forward from its normal position. In my case, I pretty much have the bottom teeth even (or flush) with my upper teeth, but not really in front of them. I was a little concerned that it might burn my mouth, but that was not the case. On one of the devices, I did end up re-heating it and doing it a second time which seemed to give me a better fit. I am a side sleeper as well and I haven’t noticed any problem, although there might be a little drool with the mouthpiece. 4-5 months is about right. The soft plastic/silicone/whatever it is made out of is soft and deforms ever so slightly over time. I suppose a dentist-fitted appliance would last a lot longer, but I bet the cost would be around 40x (?) as much. I still think I am still far better off spending about $80 / year or so rather than pay for the CPAP. Funny thing happened just two nights ago… I had gone at least a month without any issues and I woke up without the mouthpiece in. Oh dear! I started looking around the bed thinking it had fallen out of my mouth in the night. I glanced at the nightstand and noticed it was in it’s little tray! Who knows.. I must have taken it out during the night in my sleep somehow.

      Please do write back and let us know what you find!

      All the best,

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