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I had been finding the mouthpieces for the best price on Amazon for around $5 + shipping, however that seemed to dry up and the least expensive option I could find was around $10. Just today I did run across a new site that had mouthpieces for around $2 depending on the amount you purchased. The site seemed a little odd, but I was able to pay with PayPal, so I felt reassured that I wasn’t going to risk anything making the purchase. The other nice thing is that they had a free shipping option. I decided to order 3 mouthpieces to try out. Here’s a picture of the mouthpiece:


The site I found it on was called which means something like “best bang for your buck” so I’m thinking it must be some Chinese retailer perhaps?  Anyway here’s the link I used and I’ll try to put up a post after I receive them and give them a try.


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